Looking for a Pet Friendly Hotel in Bloomington, IL?

Perfect, Here We Are!

Consider Us Your Second Home

We know that traveling for work can be hard. Whether one night or a prolonged period of time, resting your head at Eastland Suites Bloomington feels even that much better when your furry family member gets to come with you. We don't just say we're friendly to pets, we appreciate our four-legged guests as much (more) as our two-legged ones.


Refresh Yourself in the Courtyard Area

When we say we're the Pet Friendly Hotel in Bloomington, we're serious! We have a beautiful outdoor area that's great for a rest and a walk for you and your pet. It's centrally located to all of the rooms and has plenty of grass and trees. It's a perfect place for a quick bathroom break or a longer stroll.


We're Pet Friendly

We are ready to welcome and host both you and your furry family member. If you're traveling with your family or a bigger group you can choose the Two-Story Loft Style Suite. Or, if it's just the two of you, choose the Studio King Suite. You really can't go wrong.

We welcome pets in our Studio King Suite and Double King loft suites only.


How to have the best experience with your furry family member at a pet friendly hotel

  • Don't forget to pack their favorite toy, tasty dinner, and food bowls.

  • Take them out for walks in our beautiful courtyard. Being in a new environment may excite them. You know what we mean.

  • Pack any medication they may need.

  • We know you're going to have a great time, but just in case you need one. There are plenty of well qualified veterinarians in the Bloomington area.

  • Helping your furry friend feel at home is all about the creature comforts. Bring their favorite toy along so they can chew away in contented happiness while you're relaxing on the couch watching television.

  • If they have a favorite bed, bring it along. Or they can jump up and rest with you on the comfortable bed in your room.

  • If there's a favorite blanket or bed they need to sleep well, bring it for them. Or maybe it's time to snuggle up in the bed together. We don't blame you. They are comfortable!

    To note: Not all pet friendly hotels in Bloomington, IL are created equal. Be sure you read up on their policies and call the front desk if you have any questions. This keeps everyone on the same page ensuring you're going to have a smooth stay without surprises.